My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Post-game comments, if any, in italics.

Cowboys –2 at CHARGERS — After getting embarrassed last week I think the Cowboys come out swinging ✅ The Cowboys almost gave this away but eked it out in the end

Seahawks +3 at BENGALS — Seattle coming off a bye and I don’t believe in the Bengals yet. ❌ Seattle gave this game away

Raheem Mostert over 73.5 rushing yards, Mostert anytime TD, Tyreek Hill over 86.5 receiving yards +400 — I expect a lot of offense from the Dolphins his week ✅ This played out like I thought it would

49ers, Eagles, DOLPHINS, Vikings moneyline parley +180 — I haven’t hit a single moneyline parley yet but who’s losing? ❌ I think I’m done with moneyline parleys

49ers cover the spread (–10), game over 36.5 +220 No Watson means the 49ers are going to score a lot of points ❌ A terrible game by the 49ers

Last week: 0–5

This week: 2–3

Season to date: 8–18