My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Post-game comments, if any, in italics.

Steelers -2.5 at TEXANS — The Texans played well last week but might trot out 3rd string OLs which I think the Steelers will take advantage of. ❌ Go Texans!

Chiefs -9 at JETS — The Jets won’t score more than 10 points and the Chiefs will get to around 24, simple as that. ❌ Chiefs play down to their competition, bad bet

JAGUARS -3 vs. Falcons — The Prince is back at home and I expect him to play well given his performance last week. The fact that the Jags play so many London games seems unfair. ✅ This played out like I thought it would

Chiefs, 49ERS, Bengals moneyline parley +133 — Another free money bet. Who’s going to lose? ❌ What is going on with the Bengals?

Chargers over 26.5 points & Joshua Palmer over 44.5 receiving yards +212 - This is a little flier that I stole my friend JD. Nothing else to say about this. ❌ So close!

Last week: 2-3

This week: 1-4

Season to date: 6-10